Sustainability and Impact

We are convinced that responsible investment principles are essential to long-term success and crucial to maintain the trust we receive from investors, business owners, management teams and our own employees. We therefore promote environmental, social and corporate governance considerations in our investment process, at our portfolio companies and in our own corporate culture

Our Commitments


Support ESG transition in our portfolio companies and our own organization


Implement actively initiatives related to our firm-wide cause of youth and education


Report transparently on progresses made

Our Firm-wide Cause of Youth and Education

We believe that youth and education are key drivers of social change to improve living standards of future generations.
We are therefore seeking to be actively involved and impact positively young people across Europe through both dedicated time of our teams and financial support to partnering charities active in these fields through the Ergon Capital Fund.

Support Ukrainian families and children!

Housing represents one of the most pressing and complex challenges for Ukrainians forced to flee their country. These families need proper homes, not just beds. This is a critical step in helping them regain some everyday stability.

In this context, Ergon is joining forces with, local NGOs and public institutions to launch a pan-European initiative that will host Ukrainian families across Europe and assist in their integration.
Link to make a donation:

Ergon Community Day!

In line with its commitment to support youth & education, Ergon has welcomed 30 young people from the charity MolenGeek to meet with CEOs of its portfolio companies as well as Ergon’s professionals in the context of its first “Ergon Community Day”. 

The CEOs and Ergon’s professionals shared with the students general learnings and advice about the professional life and exchanged with them about the key steps of their careers, the choices they had to make, their good and bad experiences, how they dealt with their personal life in parallel, etc.

Fundación Exit

Ergon Philanthropy announces its financial support to the Spanish charity Fundación Exit. 

Fundación Exit is active in reducing school dropout rates of young people facing significant school absenteeism (“at-risk children”) and facilitating their entry in the professional life. Ergon’s grant will support their program “Start Exit” which consists of accompanying at-risk young people during the last 2 years of their secondary education and until they find a job which corresponds to their vocation (through a specific guidance and trainings).

Our other ESG actions

Clean Energy!

Ergon keeps supporting Dolciaria Acquaviva in pursuing an increasingly eco-sustainable future.

Thanks to its photovoltaic system, Dolciaria Acquaviva generates every year 1.3 million of KW/h of clean energy, substantially reducing the recourse to pollutant sources of energy. 

“Through our photovoltaic plant we have generated over 3 million KW/h clean energy in less than 4 years, allowing us to reduce CO2 emissions by more than 1 million Kg and to avoid the consumption of over 6.5k oil barrels” declared Mr. Acquaviva, CEO.


Run for a “K”ause!

As part of its social responsibility as a firm, Ergon joined “Run to KICK”, a family charity run in Brussels, organized by KickCancer foundation on 29 September 2019.

“We are proud to support such a noble cause and happy to have put together a team that brought their personal commitment and contribution.” declared Wolfgang de Limburg, Managing Partner.

Mobility Week!

In line with the European Mobility Week initiative, Ergon has encouraged its team members to use “green” transportation means (i.e. public transportation, regular or electric bikes, trotinette, etc.) during the week of 16-22 September 2019.

“At Ergon we embraced the  European initiative and sought ways active mobility can benefit our health and environment”, said participating Ergon team members.

Say “NO” to plastic!

Ergon has cut down its plastic use firm-wide, eliminating the plastic water bottles in all of its offices, by installing water dispensers and introducing glass bottles.

“Our goal is to make our working space an environmentally friendly one”, said, Wolfgang de Limburg and Emanuele Lembo, Managing Partners.

Our Memberships

In accordance with these beliefs, in 2016 Ergon formally adopted the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI), thus further committing the firm and our portfolio companies to the maintenance of industry-leading ESG standards. Ergon is also a member of the Luxembourg Private Equity Venture Capital Association (LPEA) and of Invest Europe, which represents the private equity community across Europe.

Our Reports

Our ESG Governance Policy can be found here.