We are convinced that responsible investment principles are essential to long-term success and crucial to maintain the trust we receive from investors, business owners, management teams and own employees. We therefore promote environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) considerations in our investment process, at our portfolio companies and in our own corporate culture

Our Commitments

In accordance with the aforementioned beliefs, we have defined an ESG policy based on 4 commitments which are supported by a specific organization.

1. Promote ESG throughout our investment cycle

We are committed to reflect our ESG principles at all stages of our investment cycle, through specific tools and methodologies used before, during and at the exit of our investments.
Holding Period
Avoid investing in sensitive sectors
Assess ESG profile of target company before investing
Perform a detailed ESG audit
Draft an improvement plan
Provide continuous support and share best practices
Measure and report annually ESG KPIs
Supply ESG information as part of the divestment
Assess “adherence” of potential buyers to Ergon’s and the exited company’s ESG values
Avoid investing in sensitive sectors
Assess ESG profile of target company before investing
Holding Period
Perform a detailed ESG audit
Draft an improvement plan
Provide continuous support and share best practices
Measure and report annually ESG KPIs
Supply ESG information as part of the divestment
Assess “adherence” of potential buyers to Ergon’s and the exited company’s ESG values

2. Support youth & education

We believe that youth, in particular through education, is a key driver of social change.
We are therefore seeking to actively implement initiatives towards young people across Europe, in the education and children health fields, through both dedicated time of our local teams and various stakeholders (senior advisors, investors, managers of portfolio companies) and financial support from the Ergon Capital Fund.

Education and Professional Inclusion

Youth Coaching & 1-on-1 Mentoring

Consistent with its firm-wide causes of youth & education, Ergon multiplied over the course of November its local initiatives towards young students with both additional workshops organized throughout Europe with its local teams, its senior advisors and its investors, and the launch of 1-on-1 mentoring.

Through such initiatives and its recently-launched foundation, the Ergon Capital Fund, Ergon aims at supporting youth and education, thereby contributing to improve living standards of future generations.


Brussels Youth Coaching Project

Ergon organized in its Brussels offices workshops where young students had the opportunity to exchange with Ergon’s professionals on private equity.

Similar workshops were organized last July in its Paris office.

Paris Youth Coaching Project

Ergon is organizing workshops on private equity for young people willing to work in finance / private equity. A first session was held at Ergon’s Paris office in July 2020 and such initiative will be developed in the other European offices of Ergon.

The Paris workshop was a great opportunity to present our day-to-day work in private equity and share experiences with students interested in finance and we look forward to extending this initiative to other European Ergon locations”, declared Patrick Gavoty, Director.

Teach For All

The Ergon Capital Fund is proud to financially supporting Teach For All.

Teach For All is a global network of 53 independent partner organizations and a global organization that work to recruit and develop promising future leaders to teach in their nations’ under-resourced schools and communities, and ultimately ensure all children are able to fulfill their full potential.

Children Health

Run against Paediatric Cancers!

Ergon participated this year again to the Run to Kick challenge: 15 professionals from all Ergon’s offices throughout Europe run and raised money (with the additional financial support of the Ergon Capital Fund) for research on paediatric cancers, finishing #2 among corporates in terms of fund raising!

Each year in Europe, there are about 35k new cases of paediatric cancers, which are the first cause of death by disease for children aged over 1 year.

Our short video on why we contributed:

Kick Cancer Fund

For the second consecutive year, Ergon is supporting financially the Kick Cancer Fund, a fund dedicated to research in paediatric oncology managed by the King Baudouin Foundation.

Kick Cancer Fund finances clinical trials on innovative drugs with the view to improve our understanding of the origin and functioning of paediatric cancers, which will allow, in the long run, the development of new drugs for paediatric cancers.

Run for a “K”ause!

As part of its social responsibility as a firm, Ergon joined “Run to KICK”, a family charity run in Brussels, organized by KickCancer foundation on 29 September 2019.

“We are proud to support such a noble cause and happy to have put together a team that brought their personal commitment and contribution.” declared Wolfgang de Limburg, Managing Partner.

Children Care Groups

Ergon supports the Barenstärk Foundation, active towards hospitalized children in Germany, and has in particular supported a project of medi-clown visiting children in intensive care groups.

“We are proud to support the Barenstärk Foundation and glad to have contributed to this new initiative positively impacting children in intensive care” declared Nils Luessem, Partner.



3. Reduce our environmental footprint

We are committed to reduce the environmental footprint of our overall organization and are therefore implementing structural initiatives to reduce our carbon emission and other environmental impacts. We are also offsetting financially our carbon footprint at Ergon level.

We are Carbon Neutral!

Consistent with its commitment to reduce its environmental impact, Ergon conducted over the past months its first carbon audit throughout its offices in Europe.

On that basis, Ergon is currently working on a carbon reduction plan for the next years.

In addition, Ergon financed the offsetting of its current carbon emissions by financing a reforestation project in Zambia, becoming therefore carbon neutral!




Clean Energy!

Ergon keeps supporting Dolciaria Acquaviva in pursuing an increasingly eco-sustainable future.

Thanks to its photovoltaic system, Dolciaria Acquaviva generates every year 1.3 million of KW/h of clean energy, substantially reducing the recourse to pollutant sources of energy. 

“Through our photovoltaic plant we have generated over 3 million KW/h clean energy in less than 4 years, allowing us to reduce CO2 emissions by more than 1 million Kg and to avoid the consumption of over 6.5k oil barrels” declared Mr. Acquaviva, CEO.


Mobility Week!

In line with the European Mobility Week initiative, Ergon has encouraged its team members to use “green” transportation means (i.e. public transportation, regular or electric bikes, trotinette, etc.) during the week of 16-22 September 2019.

“At Ergon we embraced the  European initiative and sought ways active mobility can benefit our health and environment”, said participating Ergon team members.

Say “NO” to plastic!

Ergon has cut down its plastic use firm-wide, eliminating the plastic water bottles in all of its offices, by installing water dispensers and introducing glass bottles.

“Our goal is to make our working space an environmentally friendly one”, said, Wolfgang de Limburg and Emanuele Lembo, Managing Partners.

4. Report transparently

We are committed to report transparently on our initiatives, status and progresses year-on-year.
In particular, we report each year to:
Our investors and other stakeholders when applicable
The United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI) which we joined in 2016 and which provides notations on investors’ incorporation of ESG topics into their investment practices
The general public through our CSR Annual Report

Our CSR Organization

A. Ergon ESG Committee
Composed of 5 members including 2 partners, 1 director (also Head of CSR/ESG), the CFO and the Compliance Officer
Key functions include:
  • Defines the ESG strategy
  • Proposes and implements ESG actions
  • Shares best practices
  • Supports deal teams and portfolio companies in their ESG journey
  • Monitors developments
  • Reports annually to UNPRI and other external parties as well as through Ergon’s ESG Annual Report
Meets formally on a quarterly basis
B. Ergon Capital Fund (ECF)
In-house foundation launched in 2020 under the umbrella of the King Baudouin Foundation (KBF)
Focused on financially supporting projects related to Ergon’s firm-wide causes of youth & education
Consists of a Management Committee composed of 5 members including 3 Ergon representative, 1 KBF representative and 1 independent member
Key functions include:
  • Decides on the final allocation of ECF’s funds (also based on internal votes by Ergon professionals)
  • Approves yearly ECF’s accounts
Meets formally on a semester basis
More details: Ergon Capital Fund