Indo is the leading Spanish independent manufacturer of ophthalmic lenses and distributor of medical equipment for the eye care sector. Founded in 1937, the company has a heritage of more than 80 years as Spain’s reference independent brand. It has also developed a meaningful position in the fast growing North African market, notably in Morocco.


We believe that a series of elements underpin Indo’s future development: a fundamentally attractive sector, a robust business model, a potential for buy-and-build and, last but not least, a highly motivated management team ready to take the company to the next stage. In particular, the ophthalmic lens sector is healthy and growing across all main markets, with clear and non-cyclical global demand drivers. In addition, Indo has developed a value-added service-driven business model that results in a high degree of customer loyalty. As such, we expect these solid pillars to continue driving Indo’s development in its current markets while, at the same time, allowing to expand the company abroad.

Date of Investment: August 2018

Sector: Healthcare

Sector: Spain

Sales: €41 million

year history
state of the art plants
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