Stroili Oro


Stroili is the leading Italian retailer of affordable jewelry. Founded in 1996, the company has a distribution network that includes both directly operated stores and wholesale outlets in Italy, Germany, Spain, China, Russia and in the Middle East located within shopping malls, department stores and city centers.


Our investment in Stroili was underpinned by a number of factors and offered Ergon the possibility to invest in the leading player in the medium/low-end jewelry retailing, with a clear potential for consolidation in a highly fragmented sector. In addition, the Stroili brand was highly recognized in its space representing a significant barrier to entry and allowing to get access to prime locations in both shopping malls and city centers in Italy and abroad. Finally, the company had an efficient and highly profitable business model coupled with healthy cash-flow generation.

Date of Investment: June 2005

Date of Exit: August 2006/October 2016

Sector: RCL

Sector: Italy

Sales: €265 million at exit

in Italy in affordable jewelry
acquisitions completed
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