Established in 1994 and headquartered in Munich, Germany, Sausalitos is a cocktail bar and restaurant chain based on a unique concept of innovative cocktails and high quality Californian-Mexican cuisine served in a trendy and friendly atmosphere. Sausalitos employs approx. 1,200 people and operates 38 own restaurants, all of which are located in highly frequented locations in large cities. The company is specifically targeting the 18 to 30 years-old customer group, with above-average purchase power. Sausalitos’ experience-led business model is increasingly complemented by digital marketing and social media activities, creating a high sense of community. Every year, more than 5 million customers visit Sausalitos’ locations, consuming more than 4 million cocktails and over 1 million food portions.


We believe that there are a series of elements that support our investment case: Sausalitos features a unique concept that is clearly differentiated from competitors with a narrow focus on 18-30 year-old customers, targeting the overall stable and underpenetrated German gastronomy market, constantly growing bar/restaurant chains market. In particular, the business model of the company is highly profitable, driven by a high share of drinks and a largely flexible cost base. Furthermore, we believe there are numerous opportunities to roll-out the concept nationally and internationally. Moreover, we believe that the concept can be expanded, e.g., by introducing a bar-only concept.

Date of Investment: July 2014

Sector: Retail/Leisure

Sector: Germany

Sales: €50 million

cocktails sold p.a.
food portions sold p.a.
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