Opseo is a German ambulant care provider offering intensive care services to more than 800 patients across Germany. The company is a quality leader and best-in-class consolidator in the highly attractive outpatient intensive care market. In addition, opseo has a leading position in pediatric intensive care in Germany. Founded in 2013 through a combination of ten operating entities, it has grown through organic development and acquisitions. .


Our investment thesis is based on creating the market leader in the fragmented German outpatient intensive care market by acquiring a leading platform and subsequently growing it organically and through further add-on acquisitions. Moreover, we believe that additional value can be generated through a thorough integration and application of best practices across the group. We are attracted by the positive underlying market fundamentals allowing for high organic growth rates and the resilient non-cyclical and cash generative business model. Furthermore, we believe that there is additional upside potential to be captured by establishing a leading franchise for premium pediatric intensive care in Germany.

Date of Investment: December 2016

Sector: Healthcare

Sector: Germany

Sales: €141m

> €0
Million sales
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