Looping is a leading European operator of regional amusement parks with a portfolio of 14 parks across Europe. The company was created in 2011 following a carve-out of 7 parks from Compagnie des Alpes. It then grew through organic development and the acquisition of 7 additional parks. Looping’s current portfolio of parks is well balanced with parks of diverse types (attraction, aquatic and wildlife parks, as well as aquariums) and in different geographies (France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands and the UK).


We believe that a series of elements underpin Looping’s development: solid market fundamentals, high barriers to entry, a proven business model, numerous build-up opportunities and a highly committed and competent management team. In particular, the regional amusement park market displays a structural growth and has proven its resilience during the past crises. In addition, the Company is protected by significant barriers to entry due to high set-up investment for opening a new park, scarcity of available well-located sites and regulatory constraints. Finally, Looping has developed a successful business model allowing to consistently grow like-for-like while further expanding its portfolio through build-ups and increasing its margins.

Date of Investment: March 2016

Sector: Leisure

Sector: France

Sales: €85 million


million visitors
per year

parks in 7
different countries

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