Joris Ide


Joris Ide is a leading independent manufacturer of steel profiles and insulated panels used for roofing and cladding. Founded in 1981, Joris Ide is one of the few non-integrated players in the market, next to steel producers, with a complete product range and appropriate certifications. The company is the market leader in the Benelux with significant market share in France and Eastern Europe.


The investment thesis consisted in partnering with an outstanding entrepreneur and management team in a company with proven track record through above-market revenue and profitability growth. Joris Ide benefited from favorable underlying market trends, supported by substitution of traditional building materials, need for ease of installation and increased importance of insulated materials. The Company had an easily scalable business model offering multiple opportunities for growth in new markets, both organically and through buy-and-build.

Date of Investment: March 2007

Date of Exit: March 2015

Sector: Niche Manufacturing

Sector: Belgium

Sales: €468 million at exit

of steel processed per year
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