Ergon Philanthropy

In order to further reinforce its impact on its firm-wide causes of youth and education, Ergon launched in 2020 its own foundation, under the umbrella of the King Baudouin Foundation. Ergon Philanthropy aims at financially supporting throughout Europe partnering charities active in youth and education

Supported Charities

Fundación Exit

Ergon Philanthropy announces its financial support to the Spanish charity Fundación Exit. 

Fundación Exit is active in reducing school dropout rates of young people facing significant school absenteeism (“at-risk children”) and facilitating their entry in the professional life. Ergon’s grant will support their program “Start Exit” which consists of accompanying at-risk young people during the last 2 years of their secondary education and until they find a job which corresponds to their vocation (through a specific guidance and trainings).


Ergon Philanthropy announces its financial support to MolenGeek. 

MolenGeek is helping young entrepreneurs (typically from modest backgrounds) to develop their IT/dev/coding/communication skills. Our grant will support a project called “Digital Content Manager” which is a 6-month training for 23 young entrepreneurs from Charleroi to help them develop their video/video editing/communication skills, in partnership with the Belgian radio-television RTBF.

Children for a Better World

Ergon Philanthropy is proud to support financially Children for a Better World. 

Children for a Better World is developing specific programs and activities and implementing these in centers throughout Germany which take care of poor children. Our grant will support an existing center and to launch an additional one in Munich.

Teach for Belgium

Ergon Philanthropy announces its financial support to Teach for Belgium. 

Teach for Belgium, which belongs to the Teach for All’s global network but works independently, is active in tackling the growing inequities in Belgium and the overall teacher shortage. Its overall mission is to motivate high-potential graduates to become teachers (and to do so in underserved communities) and to then train them over a period of 2 years (through a specific program) while they are starting their professional life as teachers.

Support our Foundation

Donations to Ergon Philanthropy can be made by wire transfer to account IBAN BE10 0000 0000 0404 (wire transfer reference : “200700 – Ergon Philanthropy”) or through the King Baudouin Foundation platform: