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The Team

Helmut Eschwey

Dr. Eschwey is a Member of the Advisory Board of Atreus and Exova, a.o.

He earned a PhD degree in Chemistry from the University of Freiburg im Breisgau. He started his career in Henkel and since then has also held senior positions at Pirelli, Freudenberg and the SMS group. In 2003 he joined Heraeus Holding GmbH, a privately-owned conglomerate of precious metals and hi-tech materials company with headquarters in Germany, where he served until 2008 as Chairman and CEO

Apart from the above executive roles, Dr. Eschwey was Executive Chairman of Zellbios and has built up a varied career of Non-Executive directorships in Europe and overseas since 2004 in both private and public companies and as a Senior Advisor to Private Equity and Corporate Finance