Ergon is a disciplined and discreet value investor, which provides "patient and friendly capital"

The Team

Ergon is advised by Ergon Capital Advisors, an independent advisory company formed by a multinational and multicultural team of professionals combining entrepreneurial spirit with blue chip background. Ergon Capital Advisors is based in Belgium, with subsidiaries in Italy, Spain, France and Germany

Ergon Capital Advisors' team strives to create a positive and constructive working relationship with those entrepreneurs and management teams who have chosen Ergon as their business partner. This relationship is built over time and is always founded on the principles of fair dealing, transparency, professionalism, accessibility and responsiveness

Ergon Capital Advisors' team members do not manage the day-to-day operations of Ergon's portfolio companies, which are entirely delegated to each company's independent management team. Ergon operates as a responsible and proactive shareholder; through representation on the portfolio companies' board it validates management's strategy, monitors performance and offers capital and support to accelerate growth and achieve the objectives set with management at the outset of each investment. In this context, Ergon Capital Advisors' team members act as a link between Ergon (the shareholder) and the company's management team and they play a key role in delivering Ergon's value proposition