Ergon is a disciplined and discreet value investor, which provides "patient and friendly capital"

About Ergon

Ergon strives to create shareholders' value in partnership with management teams to accelerate the development of its portfolio companies through organic growth and acquisitions. Ergon’s strategy is based on 5 key pillars


Ergon is structured as an investment company and has a limited investor base which enables it to be a flexible, long-term investor that can adapt to the investment horizon and the specific needs of each portfolio company

International and Powerful Reach

Ergon adopts a cross- border investment approach, combining Anglo-Saxon methods with a local identity, through local dedicated advisory teams. Each portfolio company has access to Ergon Capital Advisors' European offices as well as to Groupe Bruxelles Lambert's powerful network of global connections

Industrial Solutions

Ergon adopts a family- oriented and industrial approach based on conservative leverage, operational improvements and industrial solutions. Groupe Bruxelles Lambert's reputation as a reliable long-term investor makes Ergon an attractive and knowledgeable partner

Fast and Reliable Decisions

Ergon has a fast and reliable decision process that enables it to be rapid and responsive in all phases of an investment and provide a prompt response to managers, sellers and advisers

Responsible Investment

Ergon, as a signatory to UNPRI, acts responsibly and ethically and strives to incorporate Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) issues into its investment analyses and decision making processes. Furthermore, as a member of Invest Europe (formerly the EVCA), Ergon is bound by the Invest Europe Code of Conduct