Ergon is a disciplined and discreet value investor, which provides "patient and friendly capital"


Company Name Investment Date Sector Region Sales Status
Deutsche Intensivpflege Holding 2016 Healthcare Germany €78MM Current
Looping Group 2016 Leisure France €66MM Current
Sausalitos 2014 Retail/Leisure Germany €44MM Current
IPE Visionnaire 2014 Luxury Home Furniture Italy €42MM Current
Benito Urban 2011 Urban Furniture Spain €32MM Current
Nicotra-Gebhardt-CBI 2008-2013 Niche Manufacturing Italy/Germany €172MM Current
Elitech 2010 Healthcare France €129MM Realised
Golden Goose 2015 Luxury Fashion Italy €101MM Realised
Larcier/De Boeck 2011 Media Belgium €46MM Realised
Joris Ide 2007 Niche Manufacturing Belgium €468MM Realised
Corialis 2007 Niche Manufacturing Belgium €343MM Realised
Zellbios 2007-2011 Healthcare Germany/Italy €130MM Realised
Seves 2006 Niche Manufacturing Italy €334MM Realised
La Gardenia 2006 Retail Italy €134MM Realised
King 2006 Business Services Belgium €125MM Realised
Stroili Oro 2005 Retail Italy €265MM Realised