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> Date of Investment: May 2006
> Exit: October 2014
> Region: Italy
> Sector: Niche Manufacturing
> Website:
> Sales: €334MM

Headquartered in Florence (Italy), Seves is the leading worldwide manufacturer of glass, composite and porcelain insulators for the power generation, transmission and distribution electrical lines. Seves also manufactures and sells a wide range of glass blocks for architectural applications. Seves employs 4,200 people and has 22 production facilities located in Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Slovakia, Czech Republic, the US, Canada, Brazil, China and Thailand

Seves is the result of the integration between Seves, PPC Insulators (an Austrian-based porcelain insulator manufacturer acquired in 2007), and Isoladores Santana (the leading Brazilian manufacturer of porcelain insulators acquired in 2007)

In May 2006, Ergon acquired a controlling stake alongside Vestar Capital Partners and management

In October 2014, Seves was sold to Triton Managers III Ltd, acting as GP of Triton Fund III