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> Date of Investment: July 2014
> Region: Germany
> Sector: Retail/Leisure
> Website:
> Sales: €44MM

Sausalitos is one of the leading leisure restaurant chains in Germany

The Company, which employs approx. 900 people, has built its success on a unique concept combining innovative cocktails and high-quality Californian-Mexican cuisine served in a trendy and friendly atmosphere

Sausalitos is specifically targeting the 18 to 30 years-old customer group, with above-average purchase power, and has created with its customers a high sense of community through social media and its restaurant staff. Over 4 million customers visit the Company’s restaurants each year

In July 2014 Ergon acquired a majority stake from minority financial shareholder EQT and the founding family, who re-invested a significant amount of its proceeds in the transaction alongside Ergon