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> Date of Investment: March 2016
> Region: France
> Sector: Theme, aquatic and wildlife parks and aquariums
> Website:
> Sales: €65MM

Looping is a leading European operator of regional amusement parks with a portfolio of 12 parks across Europe

The Company was created in 2011 following a carve-out of 7 parks from Compagnie des Alpes. It then grew through organic development and the acquisition of 5 additional parks

Looping’s current portfolio of parks is well balanced with parks of diverse types (theme, aquatic and wildlife parks and aquariums) and in different geographies (France, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK)

In March 2016 Ergon acquired a majority stake from financial shareholders and the management, who re-invested significantly in the transaction alongside Ergon

In May 2017, Looping acquired the theme park Fort Fun, its 12th park, the 1st one under Ergon’s ownership, expanding its presence to Germany