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> Date of Investment: December 2010
> Exit: July 2017
> Region: France
> Sector: Healthcare
> Website:
> Sales: €129MM

Headquartered in Puteaux (Paris, France), Elitech is a leading independent manufacturer of in vitro medical diagnostics equipment, tests and reagents. Elitech employs 500 people and has sales all over the world, with key subsidiaries in France, Italy, the Netherlands, the United States, the UK, Brazil and Australia. Elitech was created in 1997 and has grown through organic growth as well as various acquisitions which have positioned the Company as a leader in niche applications in the fields of molecular diagnostics, microbiology and clinical chemistry

Elitech is focused on being a reference provider of equipment, tests and reagents to small and mid-size laboratories and points of care

In December 2010, Ergon acquired a majority stake from the founders and financial shareholders

In July 2017, Elitech was sold to PAI Partners