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> Date of Investment: December 2016
> Region: Germany
> Sector: Healthcare, ambulant intensive care services
> Website:
> Sales: €78MM

Deutsche Intensivpflege Holding is a German ambulant care provider combining 10 operating entities and providing intensive care services to around 400 patients across Germany both on an individual basis and in care groups

The Company was created in 2013 through a combination of several operating entities. It has grown through organic development and the acquisition of 10 operating entities

Amongst the around 400 patients, roughly 56% are receiving individual one-to-one care treatment (in many cases up to 24 hours per day) and 44% are living in designated care group facilities

In December 2016 Ergon acquired a majority stake from financial shareholders and management. Management as well as selling shareholders re-invested in the transaction alongside Ergon